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Memories and Dust

In this post I want to introduce you to one of my favourite music creators in the world, Australian Josh Pyke.

Now on his 5th album, Josh is an incredibly prolific and consistent songwriter, arranger, singer and musician. I discovered his music when I lived in Australia and have all his albums and EPs (thanks to Australian friends sending them for Christmas presents). He’s also a great live performer – I saw him with his band back in Brisbane.

There’s a lot to admire in Josh Pyke’s music. He uses close harmonies throughout his music (2, 3, 4 parts…), and I can often be found picking out the harmony lines and singing along while I’m driving. Those harmonies and the lush instrumentation of his recordings are often surprising and always lovely on the ear.

I also love the lyrical palette he uses on his albums. While I wouldn’t describe them as concept albums there are often poetic echoes in the lyrics which pop up in different songs. For example on his first album images of hatchling birds and of sewing recur in the lyrics. His albums also seem to explore his state of mind at different life stages.

Anyway, rather than going on about how good his music is here are my favourite tracks from each of his albums. Enjoy the melodies, harmonies and lyrics.

Memories and Dust (2007) “Buttons”

Chimney’s Afire (2008) “Don’t Wanna Let You Down”

Only Sparrows (2011) “Particles”

The Beginning and the End of Everything (2013) “Warm in Winter”

But For All These Shrinking Hearts (2015) “There’s a Line”

PS. I follow Josh on Instagram and am a bit jealous of the recording studio he’s just had built in his garden!

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